What exactly happens at DDPPLA?
We dance with the lights turned down low for 1 hour to an awesome playlist curated by one of our own ladies. Our motto is: No Boys, No Lights, No Judgment.
But it’s so much more than just that! Click here for an in depth account of the emotions you will go through on one magical Sunday afternoon at DDPPLA.

What do I wear?
Fear not! We have a whole page devoted to this very topic. Check out our What To Wear page for more information!

Where does this all happen?
We dance at DanceGarden LA in Atwater Village
There’s a free parking lot! Park in P/2
Click here for exact parking/location instructions

How long is it?
Each playlist is about an hour long (give or take a few minutes)

What time should I get there?
The doors will open 2:00pm.
We keep them open for about 15 minutes to accommodate arrivals.
We start our introduction around 2:15pm and will keep the doors open through the announcements for any late-comers. Once it’s time to dance, the doors are shut and locked. You should plan on being with us until about 3:30pm.

How much does DDPPLA cost?
$7 to come and dance the afternoon away with your new lady friends.
You can pay us in cash or through the magic of Venmo. Please pay one of the den mothers when you arrive.

Is there parking?
YES! There’s a free parking lot at DanceGarden LA. Park anywhere in lot P/2

I’m still not sure what I am getting myself into… Can you explain it better?
Check out testimonials from some of our dancers and hear it straight from the source!

Can I bring my boyfriend, gay friend, or it’s-complicated-manfriend?
Dudes get jealous. We get it. We’re amazing.
amazingDDPPLA was designed for ladies only. It was founded by two women who were seeking a fun, free environment where they didn’t have to worry about impressing anyone except themselves. We still believe that this ladies-only concept is a good way to achieve that goal. That said, we use inclusive definitions of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.
We do occasionally have a co-ed DDPPLA fundraiser around for organizations near and dear to our hearts, and they are tons of fun. Check out the Calendar to see when the next one is.

What should I bring?
Please bring a positive attitude and a booty that just won’t quit.
And maybe some water.
(There is also a water cooler available at DGLA to refill your water bottles.)
Also bring your friends!

How can I DJ?
Once you have attended DDPPLA you are qualified to DJ!
If you want to DJ shoot us an email and we will add you to the wait list. You will have to pick an awesome DJ name, and create your own playlist. For tips on how to make the most bangin’ playlist ever, see our DJ 101 page.

What if I can’t dance?
No seriously, a lot of girls may say this, but for you it’s really true. You make the inflatable waving arm guy look like Beyoncé.
We get it. An event with the word “dance” twice in the title can sound like it’s for people who’ve never made an awkward move in their lives. But those people don’t exist. So don’t sweat it! We get tons of people who “can’t dance” and by the third song they’re tearing it up because they’ve stopped caring. This is a judgement-free zone, and that means judgement of yourself and others.
Also, no one’s looking at you. People are so into what they’re doing that they don’t care what you’re throwing on the floor. Plus, you can always take a break. It’s a dance at your own risk scenario.

Who leads this dance party?
NO ONE. That’s the beauty of DDPPLA. The den mothers will be there to guide you, but you are on your own to use the space as you please. At first it might feel awkward, but after a few minutes everyone lets go and busts it out.

Is it weird if I come alone?
Hells to the no!
We get it. This is LA. No one can commit to anything. Maybe your friends canceled at the last minute. Or maybe you’re new in town and don’t know a lot of people, and then you’re struck by a bolt of “Fuck it!” and decide to come. So come join us! And don’t worry if you can’t find a buddy to bring. You’ve got buddies here! 

Can I bring my cool lady friends?
Please! Word of mouth is how we survive. Bring as many people as you can, and show them the awesomeness of lady power afternoon dance sessions. We do encourage you to break away from your friends on the dance floor and free yourself of all inhibitions. This is your time to shine!

What if I have to leave early?
Remember going out to the club having the time of your life, shaking what your mama gave you without a care in the world? …And then all of a sudden without warning the bright lights are turned on to blind and confuse you? This is also what happens when people leave DDPPLA early.
The doors are shut to the outside to keep it dark in the studio. When people try to sneak out, no matter how cool they think they are being, it is super disruptive to the flow of the class. If you know you can’t stay the whole time, maybe wait until the next class where you aren’t cutting your time so close!
That being said, if you have some sort of emergency and have to leave, please tap one of the Den Mothers and let them know. We will sneak you out in the quickest and most efficient manner to limit the amount of light let into the studio.

Can I show off my sweet moves if I am a dancer?
Duh! Just make sure you don’t injure anyone or make the whole class about you showing off your sweet moves, because that might get boring for the rest of us. Also we are each going to be doing our own thing, so don’t get bummed if we aren’t paying any attention to you. But if you can do a mean “worm” then show that shit off!

How do I start DDPP in my city?
We’re so glad you want to spread the DDPP love! If you are interested in starting a chapter in your city, the ladies of DDPP Chicago would love to help.
Click here for more information.

Is there an age restriction?
DDPPLA is not recommended for ladies under the age of 10.
The studio is very dark and we want to make sure that everyone can dance safely! Once the doors are closed, they are locked for the hour. We also cannot guarantee that we will have a playlist that doesn’t have any explicit lyrics, as we don’t approve songs ahead of time. Please use discretion if you are interested in bringing any young ladies who would be sensitive to such language.

Do I have to RSVP to come?
Nope, but we do encourage you to follow us on Facebook and let us know if you can make it. We like to try to have an idea of how many people to expect.

I’m coming straight from work – is there a place I can change?
Yes! There is a changing area in the studio. But don’t change too much. We like you just the way you are.