DDPPLA Testimonials

You like us! You really like us!


“Every week I am reborn like a phoenix at DDPPLA. A sweaty, sweaty phoenix”

“DDPP means turning my brain off for an hour. Turning off all the noise, anxiety, and frustrations, and just enjoying the pure awesomeness of my own body without worrying about anything else.”
-DJ Pizza Bagel

“DDPPLA makes me feel fierce, free and fearless. It’s my therapy, my coven, my everything.”
-DJ Moregasm

“DDPP gives me a chance to connect with my body and express my feelings in a space that feels totally my own. I can work out my frustrations of the week, feel sexy, feel powerful, be goofy, or just take a minute to breathe in the dark surrounded by the magical energy of others doing their own thing too. It’s a chance to have an hour just for me, without a worry in the world- besides running out of breath from dancing so hard!”
-DJ Breakfast Princess

“Any time I’m having a bad week, DDPP makes it all better. For that one hour of dancing I am myself. I don’t worry about sucking in my gut or what my hair looks like. I don’t have to worry about taking up space. I’m myself, unedited.”
-DJ Queer Kabob

“DDPP makes me feel like MYSELF after being a wife and mom and many other things to many other people. I get to spend an hour in my head and in my body and find out how much I enjoy me! ”
-DJ V-Booty

“DDPP makes me feel SEXY! LIBERATED! FREE! It’s like taking the concept of “dance like nobody’s watching” literally.”
-DJ Taco Tuesday

“DDPP makes me feel magic, powerful, joyful, connected and open. It is one of the most unique things I’ve ever experienced- through music and dance I feel both such a part of this beautiful community of women and also so deep in my own experience. The best part of DDPP is it gives you a different experience depending on what you need. Basically DDPP makes me feel ALL THE FEELS and the weekly star of the dance movie of my life.”
-DJ Shorty-Kool

“DDPP is a safe, wild, loving space where you can move, dance, and cohabitate with other womyn. It helps me feel like a part of a community of womyn that has all the same intention. It feels primal and necessary.”
-DJ Lil Orphan Annie

“DDPP makes me feel sweaty, safe, alive, truly and completely free in this very as-of-yet unfelt way. It’s a free spirit zone where you check everything at the door except your dancing toes.”
-DJ Eggs-istential

“DDPPLA is like a dance party you’d have in your bedroom by yourself, except with a bunch of new friends who are also totally in it with you. There is no pressure to do anything except Dance It Out. There are ladies of all shapes and colors and sizes, the music is always on point, and it’s so refreshing to see so many people actually enjoying themselves.”
-DJ Fluffhead

“DDPPLA is the ultimate. It’s like a moving meditation of pure joy and Earthly exuberance. Obviously it’s a physical experience but my emotional, mental and spiritual health always benefit from getting as free as I’m invited to be on that dance floor. It’s the kind of thing that everyone says “you gotta come!” and when you finally do you’re like “WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG TO GET HERE”. I am so grateful for DDPPLA.”
-DJ Yes Please

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