Meet The Squad!

Meet our squad: the beautiful spirits that bring DDPPLA to life for our dancers!
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Becky (she/her)
DJ Grande Jeté
Hometown: Voorhees, NJ
Dance Jam: “Don’t Leave Me This Way” -Thelma Houston
“I could write an essay on why I love DDPPLA, but the thesis is ‘there’s a dance floor that I can leave it all on.'”

Cara (she/her)
DJ Pizza Bagel
Hometown: New Rochelle, NY
Dance Jam: “None Of Your Business” -Salt n Pepa
“I used to tell people DDPP was the reason I didn’t have a therapist (Don’t worry, I have a therapist now!) Being able to turn off my brain and move in a purposeful way without judgement or fear or anything else for an hour is a magical and awesome experience. I don’t have to be anything to anyone else in that moment except present in my own body”

Devan (she/her)
DJ Breakfast Princess
Hometown: Northampton, MA
Dance Jam: “Lose Control” -Missy Elliot
“I love DDPP because there is no other thing like it – a space without instructions beyond moving in a way that feels good in the moment, that feels good for your body. It’s not about how you look or what your “skill” level is, it’s a place to connect with yourself and the music and the energy in the room, and dance out some dang feelings.”

Kristen (she/her)
Hometown: Crest Hill, IL
Dance Jam: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” -Whitney Houston
“DDPP makes me feel like a phoenix reborn. A sweaty, sweaty phoenix.”

Morgan (she/they)
DJ Morgasm
Hometown: Nowalk, CT
Dance Jam: “Canned Heat” -Jamiroquai
“Seeing everyone feel free, empowered, and fully themselves on the dance floor is pure magic.”