DDPPLA Master Playlist

All songs played at DDPPLA!
(Lists are updated every week)

Use this to get inspiration – or to check to see if a song you like has been played before

Songs are in alphabetical order by title divided into the playlists below

DDPPLA Mothership Playlist (Songs #-C)

DDPPLA Mothership Playlist (Songs D-G)

DDPPLA Mothership Playlist (Songs H-L)


DDPPLA Mothership Playlist (Songs M-R)


DDPPLA Mothership Playlist (Songs S-T)


DDPPLA Mothership Playlist (Songs U-Z)


Songs included that are NOT available on Spotify:
“Bad Reputation” / Joan Jett
“Beggin'” / Madcon
“Countdown” / Beyoncé (Isa Machine Remix)
“Crocodile Chop” / Neil Cicierega
“Formation” / Beyoncé
“Grown Woman” / Beyoncé
“Take On Me Samba Remix” / Aha


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