We’re Moving!

DDPPLA is excited to announce we will be moving the party to
Dance Garden LA as of November 2018!

After 4 years at The Sweat Spot, they have instituted a new policy that all classes must be available to people of all genders. They have decided that they no longer wish to host our dance party because we do not allow men in.

DDPPLA is above all things a safe space for womxn.

To say we are deeply saddened and disappointed by this decision is a huge understatement. We have loved and cherished our time at The Sweat Spot. We have taken care of and respected their space, paid our rent on time, hosted charitable events, and loved the women who have come there to dance with us. DDPPLA is committed to providing a safe space for women to express themselves and move their bodies. We asked The Sweat Spot to reconsider, but they stood firm that we find a new place to host our events.

But fear not, ladies!
We have found a new more supportive and loving home!
Starting November 4th all DDPPLA events will be taking place at:
3191 Casitas Ave, Ste 112

Los Angeles, CA 90039

We’ll be dancing at a NEW TIME:
Doors: 1:45 / Dancing: 2-3pm

AND there is a free parking lot!!

We are so excited for this next chapter, and we hope you will dance with love into our new home!

The final DDPPLA at The Sweat Spot will be October 28th

We love you and we can’t wait to see you on the dance floor at DGLA in November

The future is female,

Your Den Mothers
Kristen, Morgan, Cara, Becky & Devan

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