Den Mothers

Meet your DDPPLA Den Mothers!

These are the ladies who bring you DDPPLA each week.
You can reach us at


Kristen Studard
Super Power: Lyrical Prowess
Danspiration: Microwave Popcorn
Twitter & Instagram: @kstud
Lady KStud came to us from Chicago and brought the magic of DDPP to Los Angeles. She recruited these next babes to join her.


Morgan Smith
DJ M-licious
Sweat or Glow?: Pour
Danspiration: Beyonce
Super Power: Sparkly booty shorts
Twitter: @morganstweeting
Instagram: @morgansgramming


Den Mother Photo.png

Cara Rosenbaum
DJ Pizza Bagel
Spirit Animal: Ursula the Sea Witch
Danspiration: Janet Jackson
Super Power: Preggo twerk
Twitter & Instagram: @ccrcasting




Becky Feldman
DJ Grand Jete
Danspiration: The movie “Center Stage”
Super Power: Dancing ballet to any song
Twitter & Instagram: @beckles212




Morgan Booty

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